My Renders, Updated Dec 2016
Space suit I'm working on Mars Colony V1 Arm readout screen
ChromeSunsettheworld.jpg yupIlikechromesunset.jpg fogV4maybe.jpg fogV5bitthick.jpg doneIithink.jpg
First girl I've made from scratch, I should have left her like this, she had more soul
interestingwhenyanuketheskins.jpg Damnthatscreapyyetcool.jpg facezoomed.jpg Tropandmarsgirlbestyet.jpg wonderifIllevermakeanothermorelifelike.jpg
She went Scooby She got stoned She stole my suit She became cute She went cyber punk
scoobychick.jpg damnqualudes.jpg finallyapicwhereshelooksgoodagain.jpg thesuitisabitbigforher.jpg snoopinghertan.jpg
Had to be tried Kinda works She evolved The Titanic? Space Pirate
myfavoritemartian.jpg toomuchsun2.jpg olduvedbod.jpg skinedver.jpg spacepirate.jpg
FranKENstein Colony Map Tank VS House Glass Tank Large Windows
remindsmeoffrankenstien.jpg hellas5.jpg hisandherhouses.jpg damnitdidntcrash.jpg hugewindow2.jpg
They're Coming Mt. Trop, Terragen New Trop old girl Ant Tank The Party
thingstocome.jpg teragenrenderofterby32.jpg WelldoneKenpatsselfontheback.jpg warpedview01.jpg tankparty.jpg
One skin for all New paint job Beaming out? Tank skin everywhere Tank mouth
Oneskindoesallstilltook62mintorender.jpg onesexytank.jpg foggonewild.jpg everrythingtankskinned.jpg hungryhippotank.jpg
Old layouts upgraded Colony construction Size test
oldfilererendered.jpg withoutcausticsandgifastrenderbutcornerslookdarker.jpg lowgroundspoilstheshot.jpg loveit.jpg sothetankisntsobigafterall.jpg
New upper floor design and finally chairs that look almost ok New ground skin Old tank reskinned
thechairsneedlongerbacks.jpg Ineedeyelids.jpg elivatorneedsmovedinabit.jpg thelongwalkhome.jpg trikelooksbigger.jpg
Outdoor party Bright but cool Mirror skin Tank Can it float?
bittoofisheyed.jpg wrongelevatordoorandthebrimisntconnectedtothecap.jpg Tropinthehallofclones.jpg mirrorskinnedthetank.jpg DamnNoah.jpg
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